Welcome to Allure Visage - Permanent Makeup Clinic based in the heart of Cornwall, Newquay. Clinic has been established in 2012 by Anna Wichowska-Kujawa, internationally trained and fully qualified specialist in the field of Cosmetic Tattooing, Scalp Pigmentation, Lash Lift by Nouveau Contour and Meso Vytal Facial.


Nowadays, more than ever before, we are judged by our appearance. First impression is the key when we meet new people, attending interviews or important business meetings. The effectiveness and long lastingness of Permanent Makeup making those treatments increasingly popular. Comparing to other, more invasive and much more expensive aesthetic treatments, Cosmetic Tattooing has bigger impact on our self confidence. To achieve the best results it is important to understand how to choose the most suitable colours and design shapes that will expose our natural beauty without disrupting harmony. Those skills are very unique and they require continuous development. Anna has a great eye for beauty & perfection, ability to imagine and passion for artistic forms since her early age. To be the best at what she loves the most she doesn’t offer many beauty treatments instead, she focus on gaining deep knowledge in her chosen three fields. Meso Vytal Facial & LVL Lash Treatment strongly compliment Permanent Makeup enhancements and can be chosen to add prior / post your treatment.

Helping clients to expose their natural beauty with long lasting solution of cosmetic tattooing is a true passion for Anna. Her goal is to bring the highest standards and newest techniques to Cornwall without the hustle of traveling to Harley Street clinics in London.




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We are delighted to introduce fusion of two amazing techniques. This treatment is for everyone who loves hair stroke effect but require a bit more definition. We can now combine both, Hair stroke & Shading techniques yet still achieve very natural look.



To bring out the best of two techniques!



Amiea Meso Vytal cell boost system is one of the very best Anti-Ageing treatments that have been developed in recent years to stimulate body’s own collagen production and therefore NATURALLY help rejuvenate the skin from the inside. It gives outstanding results on reducing fine lines and acne scaring, plumps dehydrated and sagging skin, also works on visible skin damage.


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